If you face the obstacles that you cannot move on, these questions are FAQ from the players while playing the game. We hope this can help you without too much spoiler. :)

Q : How to complete the quest “Sound Key”?
A : Blow the “Horn” when you see “Shell”. (You can get Horn from Panther Cave [2].)

Q : Dark Cave is so dark. I cannot walk. What to do?
A : You need “Torch” to give light. (You can get Torch from Mushroom Town.)

Q : How to destroy the Huge Stone?
A : Golem(Teammate no. 4) will destroy it for you. Get Golem by solving 4 weird symbols on the ground puzzle in Fortress [2].

Q : What can I do with 4 weird symbols on the ground in Fortress [2]?
A : Destroy 4 weird symbols on the ground with Hammer and climb the Rope down the tunnels to get stone parts then go to the floating heart at the altar and say the spell to get your new Teammate “Golem”.

Q : How can I check the password I got?
A : It is stored in Relics Menu. To check > Menu > Items (tap arrow on the right) > Relics Menu

Q : How can I fight underwater if I have only few Breaths.
A : You need “Snorkel” from Swamp Bottom and each time you defeated enemy you will get more Breaths.

Q : The cage gate is blocking. I cannot get through.
A :You need “Flea Necklace” from Demon Gate to transform into fleas then you can get through.

Q : The Skull Gate blocks me. I cannot go.
A :You need “Skull Key” from Demon Word to unlock it.

Q : Where can I find Card of Cape and how to get it?
A : Card of Cape is hidden in Dark Forest [4]. You need to blow the Horn to reveal secret paths then transform into fleas and go through the gate to get it.

Q : Why does the “Sword Master” in Abyss walk away when the conversation ends?
A :You need “Mystic Portrait” for the “Sword Master” to fight you. ( Go to Dark Cave and use Evil Eye to explore secret paths then you will see “Mystic Portrait” on the altar. )

Q :How to complete the quest “True Hero”?
A :Find all 5 Hero Cards which are Card of Armor, Card of Shield, Card of Sword, Card of Crossbow and Card of Cape.

Q : If I have all 5 Hero Cards, is it possible to defeat purple Demon Lord first then defeat red Demon Lord later?
A : Yes. You will finish the game first then the game will load to before you defeat Demon Lord and you can choose to fight the red Demon Lord.

Q : Kraken blocks me but I'm not ready yet. I want more grind to level up. What to do?
A : You can blow the Horn to call the enemies and fight to level up your character.

Q : What should I do if I cannot defeat some Bosses?
A : If you tried many ways and still cannot defeat them, we have the Strategy Guide for you. Click Here [ spoiler alert ]

Q : I don’t know where to go. I need a complete Walkthrough.
A : It will be more fun if you play by yourself. However, if you really need the Walkthrough, we have a complete Walkthrough for you. Click Here [ spoiler alert ]